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Today, I had the pleasure of reading some wonderful “Yes” reminders from one of my favorite blogging mentors, Danielle LaPorte, and I wanted to share it with you, fellow “yes-ees”. Enjoy!


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Okay.  I love sarcasm.  I love sassy, witty repartee.  It turns out though, there is such a thing as too much negative humor.  My mom was right.

A healthy dose of self-deprecating comments, teasing critiques of your loved ones when they’re being ridiculous (assuming they’re the more thick-skinned type) and ironic observations about the absurdity of life will bring laughter and love to your social circle.  Especially if you’re mildly clever.

Cross that delicate balance though, and people will see you as depressing, cruel, insecure, or horror of all horrors, annoying.  I had this idea that if I read snarky, funny authors, I’d be immersed in their comic rhythm and that this would magically accentuate my own sassy writing and thinking.  This worked by the way.  I can see some of the good results in some of my writing, and some of my social interactions.  This was a good plan.  Until it quite suddenly and abruptly wasn’t.

Apparently if all you do is criticize, even with humor, you will create a whirlpool of negativity to drown yourself in.  People may hang with you and laugh on the outer swirls, but as you get deeper, they’ll bail and swim for the light.  Contrary to popular belief, positivity always prevails.

Not that I’m going to stop reading David Sedaris and all those bitter twitter feeds that I find enjoyable.  But, I think its time to throw some Deepak Chopra and Danielle LaPorte up into that fire.  Balance the energy a bit.

Point taken.

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